Tell Congress: End family separations!

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    Tell Congress: End family separations!

    Trump's immigration agents have snatched over 11,000 children from their parents this year -- even those asking for political asylum after escaping horrible human rights abuses.

    They even took a breastfeeding child away from her mother. This is inhumane, and it has to stop. But Trump and the Republican leadership are using these children as leverage to force Democrats and moderate Republicans to support two GOP immigration bills up for a vote THIS WEEK. If they pass, it will basically end immigration as we know it -- and will do almost nothing to stop children from being separated from their families.

    These are children, not bargaining chips. Trump can end family separations with one phone call -- but instead he's holding thousands of kids hostage to his extremist immigration agenda. Will you sign our emergency petition telling your member of Congress to vote NO on the two anti-immigrant GOP bills? We’ll deliver your petition to Congress and work to build the political pressure we'll need to stop these bills.

    Below is the text of the petition we’ll send to Congress on your behalf:

    "Thousands of children have been taken from their parents, and 47 more children are snatched from their families each day. This is indefensible. I call on you to vote NO on the immigration bills sponsored by Reps. Goodlatte and Ryan, and to take meaningful action to end the practice of separating migrant children from their parents."

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