Help EqualityOnTrial fly to Denver and Cover the Ongoing Fight for Marriage Equality

EqualityOnTrial began as Prop8TrialTracker -- an impromptu liveblog in a California courtroom five years ago -- and has developed into the leading source of readable, informative news on marriage equality challenges taking place around the country. Thirty three states still block marriage equality, and in almost every state, legal challenges have been filed by same-sex couples and legal organizations. There can be no doubt that the future of marriage equality in the United States is one that will predominantly take place in the courts and not in the legislatures. 

When the Supreme Court stayed a Utah district court's ruling striking down the state's ban, it brought to an abrupt halt the brief two-week period of marriage equality in one of the nation's reddest and most religious states. All eyes now turn from Washington, D.C. to Denver, where the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals plans to hear oral arguments as early as March 17.

EqualityOnTrial wants to be there to cover that crucial hearing, but we can only do it if each of our readers chips in a few bucks. Please make a tax-deductible donation to help get us there. $10 could be the breakfast we eat before heading to the courthouse. $50 could cover an airline's baggage charge.

If we raise $5,000, we can fund the site through the summer. If we raise $6,000, we can cover all our expenses to travel to Denver and cover the appeal of the Utah decision. If we raise $8,000, we can cover expenses for another trip to Denver for the inevitable appeal of the recent Oklahoma decision granting marriage equality. And if we make our goal of $10,000, we'll be fully funded for all of 2014. We can only keep the site running if our readers make it happen, please chip in whatever you can!

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