Tell PG&E: Implement the NTSB's changes now!

UPDATE: PG&E has implemented the majority of the safety changes recommended by the NTSB. 

In September 2011, we learned that Pacific Gas & Electric knew of more than two dozen leaks in the San Bruno pipeline a year before the disaster and still certified it safe. On Tuesday, we learned that one of PG&E's major gas pipelines exploded during a a basic pressure test, a test PG&E tried hard no to even conduct. Last month, the National Transportation Safety Board put the blame for the San Bruno disaster squarely on PG&E, and issued 29 recommendations to prevent this from happening again.

It is critical that PG&E implement the NTSB's changes immediately.

Please sign this letter to PG&E CEO Anthony Earley, Jr, demanding the energy giant start working on these changes now:

We, the undersigned, demand Pacific Gas & Electric start implementing the National Transportation Safety Board's recommendations. As citizens, we need to know that the pipelines that fuel our economy are safe and will not result in catastrophes like that which occurred in San Bruno.

The NTSB has found that PG&E is squarely to blame for the disaster and has dozens of recommendations to implement to ensure this does not happen again. It is PG&E's duty to start making the changes necessary to comply with the NTSB as soon as possible.

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