Tell the Senate to oppose Steve Mnuchin's nomination

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    Tell the Senate to oppose Steve Mnuchin's nomination

    Some people call Steve Mnuchin “The Foreclosure King.” To us, he just looks like another corporate criminal -- and unless we speak up, he’ll become the next Secretary of the Treasury. Mnuchin’s bank falsified documents in order to rush through foreclosures on the elderly, on families, and in black, Latino, and working class communities.(1) That looks a lot like mortgage fraud -- a felony.

    Mnuchin's actions are a lot like a common mugger -- except instead of depriving people of their wallets his bank took away their homes and their futures. Now he’s being nominated to one of the highest offices in the land instead of being thrown in jail where he belongs.

    Mnuchin. Must. Be. Stopped. If we can make his horrible behavior enough of a liability for Senate Republicans, we’ll be able to send him packing back to his Santa Monica mansion instead of Washington, D.C. This is a fight we can win. But Mnuchin’s confirmation hearings will happen Thursday January 17 and time is running short. 

    Sign and share the petition to the U.S. Senate asking them to oppose Steve Mnuchin:

    Dear Senator,

    I urge you to reject Steve Mnuchin's nomination to become the next Secretary of the Treasury. Mnuchin's record as Chairman and CEO of OneWest Bank is just one factor that disqualifies him from the office.

    Under Mnuchin's leadership, the bank appears to have falsified the dates on potentially thousands of foreclosure documents in order to expedite the foreclosure, depriving homeowners of critical due process rights that could have given them the opportunity to save their homes. One former federal prosecutor said Mnuchin’s bank had “a pattern of creating whatever documents that appear necessary at the time... to grease the wheels of the foreclosure machine.”

    OneWest foreclosed on more than 36,000 people. And while some of those foreclosures may have been inevitable, there is ample evidence, anecdotal and otherwise, to suggest that OneWest did not adequately meet its responsibility under its agreements with the federal government to make good-faith options to minimize foreclosures where possible. 

    I also urge you to scrutinize Mnuchin's dealings with Relativity Media, LLC. I am concerned that Mnuchin may have abused his role as OneWest CEO in improperly sweeping cash from Relativity's bank accounts just before the company entered bankruptcy. If true, it means that Mnuchin's insider knowledge of both companies may have allowed OneWest to recoup millions of dollars on loans to Relativity before other creditors, such as the company's employees, would have a chance to be compensated.

    This is an example of the kind of questionable dealing that makes me believe that Mnuchin will put his personal interests over the interest of the country as Secretary of the Treasury. I urge you to deny him confirmation to that role.


    [Your Name]


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