Guarantee health care for all! Pass the Healthy California Act.

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    Guarantee health care for all! Pass the Healthy California Act.

    Every Californian deserves high-quality, guaranteed health care. But even under the Affordable Care Act, over three million Californians are left out and still lack health insurance. 

    The Healthy California Act would establish a transparent health care system and a universal standard of safe, quality care -- essentially an improved Medicare for every Californian.

    California is uniquely positioned to pass the Healthy California Act -- Democrats control both houses of the legislature and the Governor’s office and have the power to fix health care for good in California. But the legislation faces a tough road. Health insurance industry and Big Pharma lobbyists are going to do everything they can to kill this bill. 

    If you agree that health care is a human right and it’s time every Californian is guaranteed health care, sign the petition.

    To: the California State Assembly, the California State Senate, and Governor Jerry Brown

    Every Californian deserves guaranteed health care. But even with the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, over three million Californians still lack health insurance. That’s why I’m calling on you to enact the Healthy California Act (SB 562), which would create a universal health care system in California. Everyone would be guaranteed the health care they need. Health care costs would go down. And health care decisions would never again be decided by private insurers’ profit margins.

    Petition Partners:
    Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), California Nurses Association, Color Of Change, Courage Campaign, Daily Kos, Democracy for America

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