Demand that Wal-Mart stop bottling water from drought-stricken CA!

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    Demand that Wal-Mart stop bottling water from drought-stricken CA!

    California is facing a drought of historic proportions and while individuals are being forced to reduce their water usage, news just broke that Wal-Mart is also bottling our most precious resource straight from the heart of California’s drought and selling it for profit.

    Wal-Mart bottles water from the Sacramento Municipal Water Supply at 99 cents for every 748 gallons and then turns around and sells it for 88 cents per gallon. That means Wal-Mart is making $658.24 for every $1 of water they buy of California's dwindling water supply. 

    While Californians are doing their part to reduce their water consumption, Wal-Mart is out there making a huge profit off of the little water our state has left. 

    This news comes on the heels of Starbucks opting to move its Ethos bottling operations out of California to do their part during this severe drought. 

    With a recent report showing that California only has enough water to last the state one more year, it is time for corporations to follow Starbucks' example and stop bottling the little water California has left before it's too late. Join us!

    SIGN THE PETITION to tell Wal-Mart Executives:
    “While California is facing record drought conditions and individuals are cutting back their water use, it is unconscionable that Wal-Mart would continue to bottle the state’s precious water and sell it for profit. As a consumer and concerned citizen, I call on you to immediately stop Wal-Mart's bottling operations in California.”


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