SIGN THE PETITION: Ask your CA Representatives to support real climate leadership

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    SIGN THE PETITION: Ask your CA Representatives to support real climate leadership

    The most famous climate scientist in the world just predicted unavoidable sea level rise unless we take major, immediate action.

    And in California -- the biggest state in the country, and the 8th largest economy in the WORLD -- we have the opportunity to pass the MOST AMBITIOUS and realistic plan to reduce carbon emissions by helping pass two critical bills in Sacramento to address climate change.

    Senate Bill 32 and Senate Bill 350 will:
    • Reduce California's carbon pollution by 80 percent from 1990 levels
    • Cut petroleum use by 50 percent
    • Ensure 50 percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources
    • Increase energy efficiency in buildings by 50 percent.

    Not only will SB 350 & SB 32 help protect the environment, it will also create over 1 million well-paid, clean energy jobs in California.

    As Gov. Brown said so himself, we risk extinction, EXTINCTION, if we do not take immediate steps to stop global warming and pass these game-changing bills.

    SIGN THE PETITION to tell your CA Assemblymember:
    "As a constituent in your district, I'm urging you to VOTE YES on Senate Bills 32 and 350. Passage of these important climate change bills will create new clean energy jobs, lower energy costs for families and businesses while protecting our air and water.

    These bills charge polluters a pollution fee and establishes tough standards to cut carbon pollution that will: Ensure clean drinking water, reduce air pollution, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, expand our use of clean energy like solar and wind power, increase energy efficiency in buildings, and create new clean energy jobs.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing of your support."


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