Demand the Resignation of These PG&E Cronies at the Public Utilities Commission

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    Demand the Resignation of These PG&E Cronies at the Public Utilities Commission

    Sickening. Who's ripping off the public and protecting a giant energy company whose negligence led to the death of eight people and destruction of 38 homes? Leadership at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), that's who.

    Brigadier General Jack Hagan was brought in as the Consumer Protection and Safety Director for the CPUC in April. He was supposed to protect consumers and to ensure that accidents like the San Bruno tragedy never happen again.

    Instead, it was revealed that he has recommended that Pacific Gas and Electric be fined less for the San Bruno disaster, and intimidated the agency attorneys who disagreed with him. Emails indicate that he told the attorneys that they needed to agree with him “or else.” What “or else” entails is unclear – but one attorney wrote that Jack Hagan is known to carry a concealed gun and a knife in the CPUC office, and that he felt threatened by the exchange.

    Hagan also over-ruled the attorneys’ recommendations, claiming investments in safety were “enough” -- they’re not -- and dismissively told those who objected that “fairies” were supplying him with all the information he needed.  

    Also to blame is Frank Lindh, a former PG&E lawyer who is now General Counsel for the CPUC. He reassigned the lawyers who had been working on the San Bruno case for two and a half years after they recommended more serious fines for PG&E.

    We are outraged. The CPUC, especially the Consumer Protection and Safety Division, are responsible for the lives and health of millions of Californians. We’re demanding the resignation of Jack Hagan and Frank Lindh immediately. Join us by adding your name.


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