Tell Sen. Janet Nguyen: Stand up for the will of your constituents, not corporate interests

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    Tell Sen. Janet Nguyen: Stand up for the will of your constituents, not corporate interests

    The growing influence of corporate money in Sacramento -- from wealthy donors to corporate backed independent expenditures and political action committees (PACs) --  is making it harder and harder for California to lead as a progressive model for the nation.

    Sen. Nguyen is part of the problem. While accepting corporate contributions, she has a record of voting against the desires and best interests of her constituents.

    Sen. Janet Nguyen is a Republican, but her district supports more progressive policies. With a Courage Score of 0, she's tied for dead LAST in the Senate in terms of progressive votes.

    She received hefty support from an independent expenditure backed by the oil, gas, and energy industries. This comfy relationship with Big Oil and Big Energy may explain why she voted against a game-changing climate bill -- SB 32 -- in direct conflict with her constituents' support for fighting climate change. 

    Sen. Nguyen even received money from the National Rifle Association.
    That might explain why she voted against SB 347, a lifesaving bill to expand gun safety that was introduced in response to the tragic Isla Vista massacre.

    We must join together to hold her accountable.


    “I am appalled at the excessive influence corporations and the wealthy have in the halls of our state Capitol. Their priorities and profits are consistently placed over the well-being of everyday Californians. Based on what I’ve seen on The People’s Report Card of California, I believe that you are part of the problem. I respectfully ask you to stand up to these moneyed interests and demonstrate courage by representing the will and values of your constituents.”