SIGN THE PETITION: Demand an investigation into corruption at San Francisco City Hall

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    SIGN THE PETITION: Demand an investigation into corruption at San Francisco City Hall

    Reporters from the San Francisco ChronicleSF Examiner48 HillsThe Outsider, and many others are digging into secret recordings and documents that indicate the influence of dirty money could go all the way to the top: Mayor Ed Lee. And at the very least, a culture of corruption is rampant in City Hall. 
    For years, it has been clear that San Francisco is being run for the benefit of a wealthy few who influence City Hall by controlling who is elected and how their campaigns are funded. This overwhelming influx of big money in politics is fundamentally corrupting our city's democracy. 

    The good news is that an independent investigation into pay-to-play politics in San Francisco is gaining momentum, but people like you and me need to take action to help make it happen by calling for a wide-ranging and completely independent investigation into political corruption in San Francisco!
    SIGN ON and tell the San Francisco Board of Supervisors:  
    "We are appalled at recent allegations of 'Pay-to-Play' inside City Hall. The influence of tens of wealthy donors and corporate interests within City Hall has had direct impact on the quality of life, cost of living and preservation of our neighborhoods and their character. 
    Two Civil Grand Jury Reports (2011 and 2014) on the shortcomings of the SF Ethics Commission made a number of recommendation to address the influence of outside money in politics. Very few of these recommendations have been followed! 
    We are calling for the Board of Supervisors to set aside any money that might be needed for an independent investigation of illegal campaign contributions and the unfair influence these donations have had on our city. 

    In addition to investigation of Campaign Finance Violations, loopholes to retire debt, and Behested Payments, we call for a report that shows how money has influenced legislative, contract or other decisions with in City Hall."


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