Tell Sen. Cathleen Galgiani: Stand up for the will of your constituents, not corporate interests

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    Tell Sen. Cathleen Galgiani: Stand up for the will of your constituents, not corporate interests

    The growing influence of corporate money in Sacramento -- from wealthy donors to corporate backed independent expenditures and political action committees (PACs) --  is making it harder and harder for California to lead as a progressive model for the nation.

    Sen. Galgiani is part of the problem. While accepting corporate contributions, she has a record of voting against the desires and best interests of her constituents.

    In fact, Sen. Cathleen Galgiani ranks as the third least progressive Democrat in the Senate with a Courage Score of 27, despite her district’s clear preference for progressive policies.

    Galgiani cast a NO vote on a major environmental bill — SB 32 — which would have drastically reduced carbon emissions by 2050. Her backing from the agriculture industry -- the same folks who opposed SB 32 -- may explain why she voted against SB 32 in direct conflict with her constituents support for fighting climate change. 

    She abstained on SB 3, a bill to increase the minimum wage, and AB 1017 — which would institute policies to help secure equal pay for women. These issues are of particular concern in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties, which Sen. Galgiani represents, where average earnings, economic security, and food security rank among the lowest in the state according to the CA Budget and Policy Center in its Women's Well-Being Index.

    We must join together to hold her accountable.


    “I am appalled at the excessive influence corporations and the wealthy have in the halls of our state Capitol. Their priorities and profits are consistently placed over the well-being of everyday Californians. Based on what I’ve seen on The People’s Report Card of California, I believe that you are part of the problem. I respectfully ask you to stand up to these moneyed interests and demonstrate courage by representing your constituents, as well as the values of the Democratic Party.”