Host a Dear Governor Brown Screening

On March 3rd activists from all over the state joined together to host screenings of Dear Governor Brown, which exposes the public-health threats of oil extraction in our golden state. Californians from all walks of life and political backgrounds joined together to call on Governor Brown to stop fracking and extreme extraction in California before it’s too late. Despite almost a million petition signatures, protests, and countless community actions, he has yet to budge on this issue. With 300 new wells being approved every month, we can’t afford to wait any longer, which is exactly the point that the film Dear Governor Brown drives home. 

Will you join us to keep the momentum alive? 

Hosting an event is simple. All you need is passion for a sane energy policy, a living room, a computer, and a willingness to connect with other fellow clean energy activists.

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    Here are the basic requirements for event hosts:

    • Internet connection is required to connect to the after screening call with Mark Rufflo.
    • A computer or means to connect to the internet.
    • A hookup to screen the film to a screen (i.e. television, projector, etc.).

    Here are the rules for hosting events:

    • A strong desire to advocate for an end to extreme oil extraction in your community and California as a whole.
    • A willingness to reach out and connect with others in your community who feel similarly.
    • A willingness to create a safe space, either in your living room or another space that is suitable for a number of people, where a group of people can gather to watch the film.

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