Host a Courageous Resistance Inauguration Day Action

In less than a week, Donald Trump will be sworn into the highest office in the country. The world will be watching, and this will be an important moment to let people across California know -- the Resistance starts here.

To accomplish this, we’re organizing Inauguration Day rallies across the state outside of the offices of our elected officials. While people are outside waving signs and banners, we'll send small delegations to deliver the priorities of the Courageous Resistance to offices of our representatives. 

If we can have dozens of these events -- from Redding to San Diego -- we’ll make sure that the voice of the Resistance is heard loud and clear and it will help recruit more people into the Resistance. 

If you volunteer to host an action, we will provide you with an action guide, materials, and assign you an action coach to make sure your action is a success!  

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    Here are the basic requirements for event hosts:

    Whether you can host a small gathering outside of an Assemblymember's office or a big rally outside of your Congressmember's office, you will contribute to the progressive force we need to resist Trump and build a #CourageousResistance for a better future.

    The actions can take place any time but must happen on Inauguration Day. We'll help you decide which elected official you should meet with but in the meantime, make sure you look up your state and federal representatives. You can always change your target, so don't worry too much about having it set right now! The most important thing is to start getting the word out about your event.

    If you organize an event, we'll provide the support you need. You’ll get a step-by-step guide and be assigned an action coach for support and advice in setting up and running your event. We will also supply a list of progressive priorities -- as determined by the survey we sent to our members -- that people can carry into the offices and present to your elected officials.

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