Tell Governor Newsom: Stop Offshore Drilling!

The 130,000 gallons of oil that spilled off Huntington Beach is killing birds and fish and harming the health of the people who live and work in the surrounding area.

This isn’t the first oil spill off California’s coast -- from the 1969 Santa Barbara disaster to the 2015 pipeline spill at Refugio State Beach, millions of gallons of crude have contaminated the state’s waters. And even when they aren’t spilling, oil rigs are terrible for California’s environment. They dot the shoreline and pollute the waters and the beaches, and they contribute greenhouse gases that warm the planet and cause ever worsening wildfires.

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The answer is clear -- there will not be an end to these spills until there is an end to drilling off the coast of California. That's why we're telling Gov. Newsom:

Offshore drilling is threatening our health and our wildlife. California needs you to put an end to oil rigs in our waters! Put an immediate moratorium on offshore drills within 2,500 feet of our residents.
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