Stand with LA DA George Gascón

More than 2 million voters elected George Gascón to bring criminal justice reform to Los Angeles County in November 2020. But now, less than six months since Gascón took office, police unions that profit politically and financially off mass incarceration and law enforcement officials that cover up misconduct, like Sheriff Alex Villanueva, are trying to remove DA Gascón for fear that they may face accountability. 

Excessively long jail sentences have been shown to increase recidivism, creating more victims of crime. And a recent poll shows that a majority of victims of violent crime in LA County support reforms focused on rehabilitation and crime prevention rather than more incarceration. DA Gascón’s special directives are making LA County safer and are rooted in research and data. But he’s been facing a lot of opposition from Los Angeles police, entrenched district attorneys from other counties, and law enforcement special interests who are trying to go against the will of the voters and hold on to their power by fighting against DA Gascón's reforms. DA Gascón is doing exactly what we elected him to do and we need to help him keep his job.

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Sign this petition today and we'll remind law enforcement special interests and your local electeds that our votes count and our demands for justice matter:

Millions of people in Los Angeles County have been demanding justice for Black and brown communities targeted by law enforcement for years. We overwhelmingly elected District Attorney George Gascón in 2020 with a mandate to reform white supremacist policies and procedures and rebuild a justice system that serves and protects all of our communities. Sheriff Alex Villanueva and other law enforcement associations' attempts to fight against DA Gascón's reforms are a direct rebuke of the will of the people of Los Angeles, and we demand that you fulfill your duties to our communities, reject all calls for "no-confidence" votes, and #StandwithGeorge.
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