Tell the CA Legislature to support the Corporate-Free Elections Act

State and local representatives must be accountable to and reflective of the Californians they serve, not corporations who financially back their campaigns. 

The Corporate-Free Elections Act (AB 20) ends selling out our democracy to the highest corporate bidder and places the power back with the people by banning corporations from directly contributing to any candidate running for office in our state. If we want to build a truly equitable California for all where we can accomplish our dreams of Medicare-for-All, a Green New Deal, Just Transition, a livable wage, and so much more, we must start with passing the Corporate-Free Elections Act.

Sign the petition telling California legislators to support the Corporate-Free Elections Act:

“Power in a democracy belongs to the people, not corporate elites. With courage, elected officials can represent our needs over corporate demands by supporting AB 20. Democracy in California can reflect and serve all residents when all communities have the power to use their voice and have the confidence they will be heard by leadership. The Corporate-Free Elections Act (AB 20) is the first stop in our long journey to restore confidence in our government by ending abusive corporate power and placing the power back with the people. I strongly urge you to support and vote YES on AB 20.”

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