Here's my story, what's yours?

    I first joined Courage Campaign by signing a petition to fight Prop 8, and now I'm the Executive Chairman. But that doesn't really explain why I'm an activist. Below is my story of becoming an activist and the issues I'm most interested in. I'd be honored to hear your story, and we'd really appreciate knowing what issues interest you most. Please tell us on the right. (And if you'd rather not respond to the survey, but would like to donate to support our work, click here.)

    My story: My grandfather was the first popularly elected mayor of Seoul, South Korea. He survived a military coup, but was placed under house arrest. He continued to fight for democracy in exile in the US until his death. My dad fought against communism as a college student and later in the South Korean navy, and my mom came to the US as a refugee. Her father encouraged her to study something that would benefit the people of Korea upon her return, so she studied early childhood education. Working in Harlem, she was mentored by Shirley Chisholm, prior to Chisholm's election as the first African-American in Congress. Eventually she became the education director for the entire Newark, New Jersey HeadStart program and served 25 years. (That's my dad holding me on the left, and me holding my daughter Jett on the right.)

    I was born into a family that valued social justice, equality, education, and helping the least amongst us. In fact, I have "Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly" tattooed on my back. I became a physician to help others, and then chose to specialize in cancer treatment because it seemed like the best way I could do that. I found myself as an activist after watching so many of my patients struggle with medical bills while insurance companies played games with them for profit. It angered me deeply. I came to believe that only a single-payer healthcare system would truly allow our healthcare system to serve everyone well while managing costs effectively, so I took action.

    My issues: As an activist, I'm very interested in improving our healthcare system, but I'm also tremendously interested in LGBT equality, economic justice, and education. What issues are you interested in and what's your story of becoming an activist? Please tell us on the right.

    -Dr. Paul Song, Executive Chairman, Courage Campaign

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    The Economy & Job Creation
    Education and Affordable Tuition
    Elections & Campaign Finance Reform
    Ending Gun Violence
    Environmental Protection
    Healthcare Reform
    Holding Politicians & Corporations Accountable
    LGBT Rights
    Marriage Equality
    Reform of 'War on Drugs'/Prison System
    Wall Street Reform
    Women’s Rights and Reproductive Healthcare

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