Vote YES on Prop 62. Vote NO on Prop 66.

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    Vote YES on Prop 62. Vote NO on Prop 66.

    Your vote in the fall election could literally be a matter of life or death. Since 1973, 153 people who were sentenced to die have been exonerated, including 3 in California. The fact is that even in a progressive state like ours, the death penalty comes with a real risk of putting innocent people to death.

    November's ballot provides a real chance to end the barbaric, failed, and costly death penalty. If Proposition 62 passes, it would replace the death penalty with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, saving the state $150 million per year in wasted legal costs. More importantly, it will prevent anyone from ever being wrongfully executed.

    But a major threat to Proposition 62's promise also lurks on the ballot. Proposition 66 would eliminate many opportunities to appeal one's sentence, put an arbitrary and brief time limit on appeals, and increase the likelihood that innocent people will be put to death. If both Proposition 62 and Proposition 66 pass, Prop 66 could still become law if it gets more votes than 62.

    Proposition 66 would be impossible to effectively implement. With over 740 people on death row in California, executing them at the rate of one person per month would take over 60 years. In addition, Prop 66 would critically weaken California's state courts by flooding them with death penalty appeals -- preventing our already-overburdened courts from focusing on the rest of the state's normal business. And it would cost millions of dollars to implement.

    Sign the pledge to vote for Prop 62 and against Prop 66 on November's ballot:

    "I will help end the death penalty in California by voting YES on Proposition 62 and NO on Proposition 66 on the November ballot."


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