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Just before shooting 10 people in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Buffalo, NY, on Saturday, Payton Gendron posted a 180-page violent, white supremacist manifesto online.

Gendron's deadly rampage was fueled by “replacement theory” -- and no public figure has promoted this bogus white supremacist thought more than Tucker Carlson.

For years, Carlson has used his platform of millions of viewers to claim that white people are being purposely “replaced” by people of color, and there is no question that Gendron acted on this white supremacist conspiracy when he targeted a predominantly Black community.

Fox "News" has refused to rein in Carlson and the rest of its white supremacist crew, and the whole network needs to go.

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That's why we are telling Comcast, Charter, and DirecTV:

Hold Fox "News" accountable and suspend the network immediately.
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