It's time to impeach Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump has failed to faithfully execute his duties as President. He has violated the Constitution. He tried to obstruct the Mueller investigation. He has used his office to pressure foreign governments to investigate his political rival. And most recently, he has given Turkey -- a country in which Trump has numerous business interests -- free rein to decimate the Kurdish population in Syria.

The legal case for impeaching Donald Trump is a no-brainer. But the legal case only matters if the House of Representatives has the political will to vote for a trial. Right now, there are a few Democrats -- and almost all Republicans -- who have not joined the call for impeachment.

Congress desperately needs an injection of courage. Every day Congress fails to impeach Donald Trump for the crimes to which he’s effectively already confessed -- namely abuse of power -- is a day that Trump destroys our democracy further. Please join us in calling for Donald Trump's impeachment.

Sign the petition calling on the United States Congress to impeach and try Donald Trump:

I call on all members of the United States Congress to publicly support the impeachment and trial of Donald Trump.

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