Gov. Brown: Commit to Sign the Stronger California Women's Agenda Bills

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    Gov. Brown: Commit to Sign the Stronger California Women's Agenda Bills

    August 26 is Women’s Equality Day, which marks the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. It is a day to recognize and lift up women’s political and economic power and an opportunity for Governor Brown to demonstrate his continuing commitment to women and families throughout the state.

    That is why we are asking him to show his support for women’s equality and economic security this Women’s Equality Day by pledging to sign into law bills from the Stronger California Women’s Economic Security Agenda.

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    Governor Brown, we ask you to sign the following bills when they come to your desk. Together, we can build economic security for women and families for a Stronger California!

    • SB 1015 – Domestic Worker Bill of Rights: Provide permanent overtime protections to domestic workers.
    • SB 654 – The New Parent Leave Act: Allow more new parents to take leave to bond with a new child without risking losing their jobs.
    • SB 23 – Formally Repeal the CalWorks Maximum Family Grant Rule.
    • AB 1676 – Gender Pay Equity: Prohibit employers from setting salaries on the basis of salary history, a practice that often perpetuates the gender wage gap. 
    • AB 2288 – Multi-Craft Core Curriculum and Women in the Trades: Promote increased representation of women in apprenticeship programs, which are a pathway to careers in the skilled trades and economic security.
    • AB 1584 – SSI/SSP Grant Increases: Combat poverty by raising SSI/SSP grants to at least the Federal Poverty Level.

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