Tell the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Money is not speech. Corporations are not people!

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    Tell the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Money is not speech. Corporations are not people!

    January 21, 2015 marks the five year anniversary of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision. A decision that has taken our democracy away from the people and handed it over to billionaires and corporations.

    On Wednesday the 21st, thousands of Courage Campaign members and activists are rallying in cities across the country to mark the anniversary of the death of our democracy. And we're targeting one of the worst dark money culprits in our post-Citizens United democracy -- the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 

    Last year, the Chamber spent $31 million on the midterm elections to ensure its favorite candidates got into office, assisting in making 2014 the most expensive midterm in history.

    Sign the petition to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and say:

    “Money is not speech, and corporations are not people. Stop spending millions of dollars to undermine our democracy and elect corporate politicians. It's time to overturn Citizens United.”


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