Host an event in front of your local Sprouts and ask them to drop Nestlé

On Saturday, July 16, activists from all over the United States will join together to participate in a national day of action in front of their local Sprouts stores to demand that they stop selling Nestlé bottled water.

Nestlé spends millions of dollars bullying communities across the nation so it can take public water for its own profits. This practice is far from sustainable, and it's time for Sprouts -- one of the nation's largest grocery chains that claims to care about sustainability -- and other green grocery retailers to drop Nestlé.

Hosting an event in front of your local Sprouts is simple.  All you need is passion for sustainability, desire to connect with other fellow activists, and the willingness to urge green retailer Sprouts to live up to its values and dump Nestlé.

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    Here are the basic requirements for event hosts:

    • Must organize an event in front of your local Sprouts Farmers Market (Sprouts) on Saturday, July 16 with community members asking Sprouts to drop Nestlé.

    Here are the rules for hosting events:

    • Must respect your fellow activists. 
    • A strong desire to stop Nestlé from bottling water in communities across the United States. 
    • A willingness to reach out to others in your community who feel similarly.
    • A willingness to participate and organize an event for the national day of action on Saturday, July 16 asking Sprouts Farmers Market to drop Nestlé.

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