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While Republicans threaten to cruelly rob 24 million people of lifesaving health care, Courage Campaign is working to pass a bill to guarantee health care for all Californians. The Healthy California Act would curb rising health care costs, and, most importantly, save lives. This legislation is moving quickly and we need to come together to educate our fellow Californians about this bill and let our elected officials know that we want health care for all NOW!

We’re calling for statewide house parties and community meetings in cities and towns across California to bring together friends, family and neighbors to build awareness and support towards single-payer. 

Create your own event using this form. If you volunteer to host a meeting, we will provide you with all the guidelines and materials you need to have a successful event.

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    Here are the basic requirements for event hosts:

    Whether you can host a small gathering of friends and family or a larger community event, you will contribute to the progressive fight for health care for all.

    When thinking about location, you should consider your home, local churches, schools, or community centers. If possible, host at a location that's accessible by public transportation. You can always change your location, so don't worry too much about having it set right now! The most important thing is to start getting the word out about your event.

    Please note, if you choose to host your event in your home, your address will be visible to anyone who signs up to attend. We know that many of you might not be comfortable with this, so you have two other options. Of course, you could host at a public place like those listed above. Alternately, you can select "Make Event Private" above, but that means that your event won't appear on our site for others to sign up and attend, meaning you will be entirely responsible for turn-out.

    Whatever option you choose, as a host, we will support you with:
    - A guide to help you plan and run your single-payer house party
    - Sample invite emails and social media messages to use when inviting your friends and neighbors
    - Printable posters and leaflets to post around town
    - Support from Courage organizers

    Email with any questions.

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