You are now ready to begin calls to win back the House! 

This is a virtual phone bank so you can make calls from anywhere, any day, at any time between 9am - 8pm PT. You will need a phone and laptop/tablet to make calls. 

Let's get started! 

1. Click the district you want to call below.
2. Once on the phone banking page, select "Click here to Register" 
3. Fill out the registration form and select "Save"
4. Once you're back at the main page, simply enter your email and the password is "CAcounts". 
5. Optional: If you are volunteering as part of another organization or group, use the "Volunteer Organization" field to let us know! 
6. You will see a timer in the top right. This doesn't mean you are on the phone with someone, so ignore it. When you are ready, just pick up your phone and start dialing the number you see to win back the House!

Click here for more in-depth instructions.

Are you ready to get these Democrats elected? Start making calls by selecting a candidate below.      


More districts are being added every day so come back tomorrow to make even more calls across the state!

Email for any questions. 

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